Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, We are pleased to announce that the 8th International Forum on Oxidative Stress and Aging will take place in Bologna (Italy) on June 12th-14th, 2013.The Forum is an annual international event and its aim is to convene scientists from different countries who have biomedical and clinical background and wish to present their most recent research in the field of oxidative stress and aging together with possible therapeutic approaches.It is ascertained today that reactive oxygen species largely originated from the mitochondrial respiratory chain are involved in the aging process and in the aetiology and pathogenesis of the most common and severe diseases affecting humanity, such as neurodegeneration, diabetes and cancer. However, the detailed molecular mechanisms are still obscure, while it is by specifically combating their intimate mechanisms that it is hoped to defeat such diseases. Today we are observing significant advances in classical pharmacology and in metabolic pharmacology, and it is clear that specific nutrients can deeply affect metabolic processes either directly or by acting at the level of genetic expression. This meeting will provide a common platform for scientists working in different aspects of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology and nutrition in relation to oxidative stress, aging, and age-related diseases and will contribute to dissemination of new knowledge in this field.We would like to emphasise also that the Forum will highlight young researchers: selections are now open for the most eligible applications by PhD students in biomedical disciplines related to the subject of the conference. The competition will be dedicated to the late Professor Jerzy Popinigis from Gdansk, who first devised this International Forum and mostly contributed to the scientific exchanges between Italy, Poland and Japan. Five Polish students have already been selected by a local committee. Selections are now open for five additional participants in the competition who will be invited to give a ten minutes (discussion included) speech on Thursday, June 13th. At the end of the conference session, the top distinguished presentation chosen by a panel of academic experts will be awarded during an official ceremony. Doctoral students are invited to email their letters of intent, including a short scientific curriculum and the abstract of their presentation, by May 5th to the Scientific-Organizing Committee ( The city of Bologna is remarkable for its traditional hospitality towards the scholars in its glorious University and it offers both unique cultural experiences and delightful stays to visitors.The Scientific-Organizing Committee of the 8th International Forum on Oxidative Stress and Aging highly encourages researchers to contribute to the success of this event and looks forward to welcoming you in Bologna.

The Organizers